About the Hearts and Mind Film Intiative

Not many who have witnessed a performance or have read a poem by the Twin Poets, Al Mills and Nnamdi Chukwuocha would deny that they have seen or felt the power. Their compassion and commitment for their work is stated simply in their mission statement: To awaken the revolutionary spirits buried deep within the souls of an oppressed people. For the past decade and a half these two Philadelphia-based wordsmiths have been warriors on the frontline for our community. Their goal is to teach children about the importance of self-expression as well as writing down their thoughts to help themselves and others who have the same struggles and challenges.

Inspired at an early age to write and express themselves through verse, Al & Nnamdi have become two of the most recognizable and respected poets on the modern poetry scene. The Twin Poets have won many awards and grants for not only their written and spoken word, but also for their involvement in their community.

The Twin Poets are members of the American Poets Society, A Poetic Nation, International Black Storytellers, Keepers of Our Culture, Writers Guild, The Writer’s Block, A Writer’s Focus, Slam Inc, and The Rebirth, the group they founded for children to share and express themselves. www.facebook.com/twinpoets.